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From today to 2030

Today's IPNFA®-CH meeting in Bern was an inspiring mix of manual techniques and a look into the near and distant future. At the workshop in the morning, we learned more about analysis and gait techniques. Senior Instructor Marcel Grzebellus gave us an impressive insight into his video on gait analysis and treatment (it will not be released until September at the International PNF Congress) and offered us a rich palette of helpful exercises. The transfer from "hands-on" techniques to active, independent movement was remarkable.

At the General Assembly in the afternoon, Ulla Bertinchamp was re-elected as President of IPNFA®-CH. Irmgard Feldmann will join the board as a new member. In a brainstorming session we all thought together about the development for the next 10 years. We will continue to pursue projects that have been started and realise new ideas.

Many thanks to the Institute for Physiotherapy for its hospitality at the Inselspital.


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